Greg Puciato plays The Sinclair in Boston, MA

Greg Puciato played the intimate venue The Sinclair in Boston, MA with support from bands Trace Amount and Deaf Club this past Tuesday evening.
The show started off with the solo act of Trace Amount. The one man show put on by Brandon Gallagher was impressive for just that, being a one man show. He was doing it from vocals to controlling his sound board and electric drum. The crowd was smaller at the start of the night but he put his all into the performance still. The crowd that was there to catch the first act were enjoying it, dancing and bopping their heads to the beat of the music, giving applause. It is hard to find much fault when someone is out there giving it their all and multi-tasking on stage.

Next up was the band Deaf Club, their sound was much louder and a bit more of a chaotic style. It was clear from the band’s antics and banter in between songs that they had rebel rock n’roll vibe and didn’t really care if people enjoyed the music or not, they were going to do what they liked. The crowd seemed to enjoy the music and vibe, the music getting interaction as well as laughter and crowd responses from their banter in between songs. If the more chaotic style of music is up your alley, they put on a very impressive show. The band has high energy music and a good stage presence to match.

The third and final band, the act everyone was waiting for, Greg Puciato. The vocalist is not new to performing by any means, he is most known for his project, The Dillinger Escape Plan. He also has had other projects such as The Black Queen, Better Lovers, and Killer Be Killed which he has sang or played guitar in. So although his solo music may not be as well known, Greg sure has fans who were excited for the performance and clearly waiting for him to take the stage by the early screams and cheers before he even began to perform.

His vocals were striking, he took command of the stage and captivated the crowd’s attention from the first song. The fans were singing along, cheering, dancing and banging their heads to the beat of the music. He started the night with the song Reality Spiral, which clearly the fans in the crowd loved by their excited reactions. He played over ten songs, taking the fans through a journey of his solo music with other songs such as Don’t Wanna DealSeptember City, and Fire for Water. Given Greg’s talent and also his extensive discography throughout his various projects, he does not disappoint when performing live.

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