Waterparks Headline Sold Out Show at House of Blues Boston

The band Waterparks headlined a sold out show on Friday at House of Blues in Boston, MA. The two openers for the show were Elliot Lee and Hunny.
First up to the stage to start the night was artist Elliot Lee. Elliott is a newer artist that had stated this was only their second tour and this night’s show was the biggest venue they had played yet. The artist gushed in between songs about being able to play a sold out show at such an impressive venue and showing her appreciation to the crowed who were giving their music a chance. The songs held their own, upbeat and poppy with a unique twist put on them. There was a slow song that got phone lights filling up the venue and other more upbeat songs that got the fans dancing and singing. Judging by this performance, Elliott will be on many more tours.

The next opener of the night was the band Hunny. Their live set only had two members playing the music, other music backtracked. Although half the band seemed to be missing from the stage, fans did not seem disappointed. The music and vocals matched their recorded sound on their albums. Their sound is funky and fun, the type of music that makes you want to dance and sing along. The two members had great stage presence and kept the audience engaged throughout their performance. Many fans screamed, sang along and danced throughout their whole set. It was clear many fans had been looking forward to seeing them as an opening band along with the headliner of the night.

The third and final band was the headliner of the night, Waterparks. The band had played this venue before, to a show that may have been sold out but they were one of the first openers out of four bands back before the pandemic. The band’s vocalist Austen had mused on this in between songs and commented on how full circle playing here headlining and selling the show out early was. It was clear before the band even got on the stage or started playing how excited the fans were to see and hear them. The fans were cheering and screaming even before their set.

Front the moment they got on stage, their stage presence was great. The band may only be three members but Austen and Geoff made the most of the space, using both sides of the stage and their stage pieces. When they first went onstage, Austen was wearing a red winter coat with a fuzzy trim on the hood so you couldn’t even see his face unless you were front row when he was singing at the front of the stage. After the first couple of songs the vocalist took off the coach and was chatting to the crowd in between songs, even calling his mom and dad on Facetime. The band connected to their audience in between most songs and played hit after hit.

The songs they played through their set spanned from all of their discography, new and old songs and in between even. They made a few songs acoustic and even played a three song encore at the end of the night. The set was longer than some fans may have expected but the mix of songs kept everyone dancing, singing, jumping, and just enjoying themselves the whole time. Hopefully it won’t be so long until they’re back next time, Boston loves Waterparks.

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