Walker Hayes and The Duck Buck Tour Stopped By Boston’s Leader Bank Pavilion

On an unusually cold evening in Boston, fans were in line buying blankets to bare the cold rainy night. They were seen throughout the venue wrapped in blankets as the cold air blew by them through the open sides of the venue.

The first act of the evening from Harlem, GA was Ray Fulcher. When he was 19 years old his life changed forever. He went to a concert in Athens, GA and listened to Eric Church. He listened to the words of all the songs and realized he could relate to them.

He ended up moving to Nashville. He went to a bar called the Tin Roof. He spied a guy he had met the night he came to Nashville to record. They had bonded over Eric Church, shared the same sense of humor, sharing the desire to write songs that people can relate to. They became friends, and started writing songs together that people couldn’t find anywhere else.

He came onto the stage and the fans cheered. He played a short set but the fans really enjoyed hearing his songs. During his set he went over to a young fan in the crowd and shook his hand and gave him a guitar pick. He got the crowd ready for the remainder of the night.

Next act to hit the stage was country music singer/songwriter from Southfield, MI Ingrid Andress.  She was mostly home schooled until high school.  In high school she joined the choir and learned to play piano and drums.

She opened her set with “Life of A Party.” She came to the mic and said “It’s Freezing! I know how it is I used to live here. Thank you for coming out I’m Ingrid Andress. ‘How u doing Boston?  For those who were dragged here I’m Ingrid Andress. This place holds a special place in my heart. I went to school here.” Ingrid attended Berkley school of Music.

She went on to play “Lady Like,” “this song was about being who you want to be.  She asked the crowd “How many of you have been in a healthy breakup? This song is or isn’t for you.” She looked over and saw a fan and the fan yelled that she wanted her hat. “I just bought this hat. “Andress trades hats with the young fan in the crowd. She then plays ‘Waste of Lime.”

She goes on to play more of her hit songs including but not limited to, “More Hearts Like Mine,” “Falling For You,” and “Bad Advice.”
She came to the mic and said the next song is a drinking song. The song “Wishful Drinking” includes a collaboration with Sam Hunt. It hit the billboard top 100.

She ended her set with “Feel Like This,” and “Blue.” The crowd loved every minute of it and sang most of her songs.

The last act of the night was American country pop singer from Mobile, Al Walker Hayes.  He opened his set with “Y’All Life.” He came on stage with a few of his backup dancers, one of which features his oldest daughter.
The next song was” Country Stuff .” He came to the mic and said “I like girls from Boston. I have a feeling it’s gonna be one of those nights. Thank you for coming out! We had to cool off anyway.”

Next song, “Deer Lord,” is the only song that he has not written. He comes to the mic and goes on to explain how he and his wife met when he was in the 12th grade and she was in 11th. She had asked him to go the monster truck show and grave digger won. One month later they both ended with mono.

The next three songs are his wife’s favorite songs. He goes on to play “Don’t Let Her Go,” during this he throws a football into the crowd.  “9:” is next followed by ” U Girl”.”

During the song “Drinking game.” he goes to the mic and plays guitar.  He then plays an informercial for walkerloveshope.com on the back screens during the song “Craig,”  The crowd cheers.
He closes out his set with his most popular songs and the songs that fans had waited all night. “AA,” Stetson,” “90’s Country” and his biggest #1 hit ‘Fancy like.” Fans were going crazy and singing along to all the words. He left the fans excited and wanting more as he closed out the night.

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