The Hot Summer Nights Tour featuring Shaggy and TLC hits the Xfinity Center for a back to the 90’s throwback.

Fans of 90’s hip hop filled the parking lot early at the Xfinity Center to get in line to see their idols perform live again after all these years.

First act of the evening was American/Jamaican singer and rapper Sean Kingston. He was born in Miami Florida and was originally discovered on youtube by Matt Tobin and signed to a label in a partnership with Sony.

As fans were piling into the venue Sean Kingston came on stage. He came out and was immediately interacting with the fans trying to get them pumped for his set. He came out with a lot energy and charisma that the fans loved. Although he played a short set it was packed with high energy, jumping, crowd involvement and pure entertainment. He sang his biggest hits which included “Fire Burning,” “Take You There,” and “Beautiful Girls.” He also has a song that he collaborated with from Justin Beiber “Eenie Meenie.” 

He put on a great set and the fans were really enjoying seeing him live. 

The next act of the evening was none other than the legendary vocal girl group from Oakland, California En Vogue. The group is Currently made up of singers Terry Ellis, Cindy Herron, and Rhona Bennett.

 They came on stage to the fans standing and cheering as they came out in all orange attire.  They started singing “My Lovin” (You’re Never Gonna Get It) and the fans got louder and were singing along to all the words.  They sang a few more of their hits that the fans knew and loved which included “Give It Up Turn It Loose,” and a Salt and Pepper cover “Whatta Man.” They also did a cover of Michael Jackson’s song “Working Day and Night.”

The fans were on their feet cheering and singing/shouting all the words to all the songs. The fans consisted of  mostly women who could relate to their songs and were seen dancing in their seats. They put on a great show and the fans really enjoyed it and wanted more. They ended their set with “Don’t Let Go, (Love)”  and “Hold On.”

The next act of the evening was American Girl Group from Atlanta, Georgia TLC. Their original members consisted of Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes and Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas. They were a trio until the untimely death of Lopes in 2022 due to a motor vehicle accident. After the death they released a documentary titled The Last Days Of Left Eye in 2007.  After this the band took a 7  year hiatus. 

The group came out on the stage and the fans were on their feet screaming.  They came out on stage with background dancers, who were running and jumping and cheering to the fans. They came out singing “Aint 2 Proud To Beg.” They continued with “Baby-Baby-Baby,” “Red Light Special,” and “Silly Ho.” The fans were cheering, dancing and singing all the words to their songs. They brought to the stage tons of energy and the fans were sending the same amount of energy back. During their set the sections that were normally played by Lopes were heard playing on backing tracks as if she was singing along with them. They sang another one of  their biggest hits, “Creep.” This was followed by a short DJ break which got the crowd pumped. 

They came back on stage and finished their set with their biggest hits of their career “Diggin On You,” No Scrubs,” and their biggest hit of all “Waterfalls.” When the last song came on the fans were swaying and singing every word. During the rap version they played Lopes part over the speakers and the crowd cheered. This was a touching song for all the fans that grew up with the group. This brought chills throughout the venue.
They put on an amazing performance that the fans loved. They had so much energy, and showed the talent of the singers and the dancers. 

The final performer of the night was none other then the man himself Jamaican Reggae Rapper, singer/songwriter “Shaggy.” During his early years he moved to NY with his mother and enlisted in the United States Army Corp. He was a lance corporal and served in the Gulf War. In the early 90’s he decided to pursue his music career and had his first hit “Oh Carolina,” in 1993. 

As soon as he came onto the stage the entire venue erupted. He came out in his white shirt and jeans and was getting the crowd pumped from the time he started singing. He brought tons of energy, entertainment and interacted with the crowd to have them involved in most of the songs. Throughout his set he had the venue split into three groups. The left the right and the middle. His sidekick took one side and he took the other and was playing the audience against each other to see which side could get the loudest. He did this for most of his set saying that his side was the loudest.

His charisma and  his sexual dance moves made the crowd jump and scream and were extremely loud. He had a DJ and  his sidekick.
He played a mix of his songs from old to new. Some of them included but not limited to “In The Summertime,” “Oh Carolina,” “Angel,” and his biggest hits “Boombastic,” and “It Wasn’t Me.” 

The Crowd answered back with as much energy as he had and it was an entertaining show to see who could get louder. The fans knew all the words to all his songs and were seen throughout the entire set singing and screaming the words. His set was a fun filled performance that left the fans wanting more and wanting to dance the night away. This was a performance that if you were there left you speechless and left you in awe of how amazingly talented he really is. He is an entertainer and an incredible performer to say the least. If you have not seen him live this is definitely a show that you should not miss out on. It was absolutely amazing!!



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