Hardy Plays His First Sold Out Arena Show at Mohegan Sun CT

For the start of the long weekend, the casino started piling in with fans waiting for a night of Entertainment.

The first act of the evening was from Chicago, IL Blame My Youth. He came to the stage playing a guitar. He opened his set with “Feel It In The Morning.” He put his middle finger to the crowd through out his performance to get the crowd pumped up.

He comes to the mic and says “It is a fu**ed up Friday night. Drinks up if you got them. Fingers in the air.” He was trying to get the crowd on their feet and ready for the rest of the night. He put on a great performance and got the crowd jumping. He says “the next song was written in his vulnerable state. You need to live your life for you only. They love you when your mother fu**king die.” This went into his song “They only Love You When your dead.” 

Next up was American country singer Ernest. He came to the stage and was dressed in a leather jacket. He tried to get the crowd moving from the moment he hit the stage.  Through out his set he played a mix of his songs and a few covers from Morgan Wallen. Ernest wrote a few of Morgan Wallen’s songs and also wrote songs for other artists which include, Florida Georgia Line, Chris Lane, Jake Owen and Sam Hunt. 

He opened his set with “This Fire”. He went on to play a few of his songs then played  Morgan Wallen’s cover “Cowgirl.” This got the crowd pumped and jumping around. He then played another cover song from Wallen “Heartless.” He went on to play a few more of his songs which included, “Tennesse Queen,” and “Some Other Bar.” He played one more Morgan Wallen cover “”Somebody’s Problem.”
His last two songs were the ones that the crowd really pumped and were the loudest. His last two songs of the night were a cover from Jelly Roll ” Son Of A Sinner,” the fans knew all the words to this and were singing along loudly. The last song of the evening was his newest hit “Flower Shop.” He pit on a great show and the crowd loved him. At the end of his set he was seen handing out roses to fans in the audience. 

Finally the last act to perform was American country singer/song writer Hardy. From the moment the music started playing the audience was screaming/cheering and on their feet. As he was walking on stage the fans were already singing his opening song while chanting Hardy! Hardy! Hardy! (this is the opening lyrics for his song) “Sold Out.” He came out with tons of energy and the fans answered back with just as much if not more. From the moment he started singing the venue erupted. They knew every word to every song and were screaming loudly so Hardy could hear. His next few songs “Kill Sh!t Till I Die,” Jack,” “Boots,” and “Truck Bed” the crowd erupted and were on their feet the entire set. 

Hardy came to the mic and said “This night will go down in history as this is my first sold out Arena.” The crowd erupted into yelling and screaming and cheering loudly.  His next song was “One Beer.” The fans were chanting again “Hardy! Hardy! Hardy!” Before his song “Signed,Sober You,” he asked the crowd if they knew the next song. He said ” I am only going to play a few words and see if you can sing the remaining song back to me.” He sang the first couple of words and then the fans took over. They were screaming/singing every single word and hardy just watched in awe as his song was sung back to him. He was really amazed how many Hardy fans were in attendance.

They continued their set with some of his biggest songs most of which the fans were singing louder then Hardy was. The songs included, “Red, “.30-06,” and “Give Heaven Some Hell.” Before the song “Radio Song,” he told the fans I am going to play a song that they dont play on the radio.” It is called Radio Song. During the song he brought back on stage the singer from Blame My Youth. He sang along with Hardy as the fans were screaming and cheering. The fans was so loud and had so much energy it could be felt in the entire arena.  He was so amazed how much the fans loved him and were singing his music back to him. His last song before the encore was “The Redneck Song.” 

In between his end of set and encore the crowd was heard cheering loudly Hardy! Hardy! Hardy!. He came back out for his encore after a short break and sang his last few songs. These included ” 4X4,” “Rednecker,” a Blake Shelton cover song, “God’s Country,” and ended his set with the name of his newest album “The Mockingbird and The Crow.” This was an amazing concert and one the fans that were in attendance will never forget.  It was filled with high intense energy, screaming, yelling, cheering and fans out of control… 


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