Kane Brown At Maine Savings Amphitheater

With the Drunk Or Dreaming Tour just starting to heat up the night before he does his biggest show ever tomorrow at Fenway Park, he makes a stop in Bangor Maine for a night the fans will never forget.

The first band of the evening was country based band from Nashville, TN Restless Road. They are made up of members Zach Beeken, Garrett Nichols, and Colton Pack.

They came out playing guitars to their opening song “Sundown Summer.”  During the song “No Can Do,” the band had the crowd finish the last verse. The crowd was loud and screamed the words No Can Do!.

They continued their set with “Take Me Home,” which is where Colton is from, a medley of songs, and then they played their biggest song “Growing Old With You.” Nichols told the crowd that he just proposed to his girlfriend and she said “YES” The crowd cheered loudly. Their final song was another one of their big hits “Bar Friends,”

The next act of the evening was American Country Singer  from PA Gabby Barrett. She was first known from finishing third on the hit show American Idol. She started singing when she was just 9 years old.

She came out from a swaying white sheet. She opened out her set with “Good Ones,” She then went into a cover of Keith Urban’s “Somebody Like You.” She asked the crowd how they were doing and played a few more songs including a Journey Cover “Don’t Stop Believing.”

She got the crowd on their feet dancing and singing. The crowd really enjoyed listening to her. She sang her final songs “Pick Me Up,” during this song a girl made a sign that said “Sign my arm so I can make it a tattoo. Gabby signed her arm for the girl.  She then went into her last song, “I Hope” which is her debut single that was the first country song to hit top  by an unaccompanied female singer.

The last act of the evening was none other then American singer Kane Brown. As soon as the music started playing and the lights came on the fans started cheering and screaming. He opened up his set with “Lose It.” The crowd was on their feet from that moment on and were heard signing all the words to his songs.

He continued his set with songs which included, “Like I Love Country Music,” a Chris Young cover song “Famous Friends,” “Memory,” “Used To Be Sober,” The crowd was energized and was loving the energy from Kane as well. The crowd was dancing and jumping.

During his set Brown came to the mic and talked about how he grow up with nothing and how he followed his dreams to become a singer. He grew up in a small town in rural northwest Georgia. Growing up he was bi-racial but didnt understand that until he was 7 or 8. He was in school and the kids were calling him the “N” word and he didnt realize why. He finally found out what the word meant and that is when it started to affect him. Due to this he got into fights in school. His father was put into prison when Kane was young and was raised by his mom. He moved around a lot due to being homeless and went to different schools. They finally settled in Red Bank, TN. When he attended Lakeview Fort Oglethorpe High School he was in the choir with Lauren Alaina. In the 11th grade he entered a talent show and almost won. This led him to audtion for American Idol and XFactor. After this he started posting his cover versions of popular songs on Social Media. He got a lot of followers on Facebook from these videos. His cover of George Strait’s “Check Yes or No.” went viral and reached over 7 million views. His teaser clip of his song “Used To Love You Sober,” hit a million views in less then 3 hours and in two weeks hit more then 11 million views.

After this monologue he went on to sing more of his biggest hits which included, “Bury Me In Georgia,” “One Thing Right,” a medley of songs, “Short Skirt Weather,” and “What If’s.” Before the song “Thank God,” he went to the back of the stage and grabbed his wife Kaetlyn Brown to the stage and they sang their duet of this hit #1 song. The crowd went crazy when they saw her come to the stage cheered loudly. After they sang their duet he mentioned to Kaetlyn to stay on stage and invited the guys from Restless Road to the stage. They all sang together “One Mississippi”

Kane’s last song of the night was “Good As You.” The crowd went crazy and was cheering, He went on to sign autographs for the fans while band played in the backgroud. The crowd was trying to get a close up glimpse of Kane and get something signed as a memoriblia signed by him. Kane waved to the crowd after signing and taking pictures with fans and went off stage. This was an amazing concert and showed how talented he is. He is an amazing artist and loved by all his fans.

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