Weezer Stops at The Palladium Outdoors on The Indie Rock Roadtrip

Indie Rock fans throughout New England packed the Palladium outdoors for a night of fun and excitement.

The first band of the evening was American Rock band from Torrence, CA Joyce Manor. The band consists of singer-songwriter/guitarist Barry Johnson, guitarist Chase Knobbe, and bassist/backing vocalist Matt Ebert. They are considered by some as punk rock but have somewhat diversifed over the years.

They opened their set with “Heart Tattoo.” The crowd was piling in as they hit the stage. They were singing along to the songs as they played.  They continued their set with “Beach Community,” “Gotta Let It Go,” “Falling In Love Again,” and “Big Lie.” They played a few more songs and continued out their set with “Christmas Card,” and Catalina Fight Song.”


Next band to hit the stage was American synth-pop based out of Baltimore, MD Future Islands. They are comprised of Gerritt Welmers ,(keyboards and Programming) William Cushion, (bass and electric guitar) Samuel T Herring (lyrics and vocals) and Michael Lowry. (percussion)

They opened up their set with “For Sure.” The crowd was energetic and was singing all the words and dancing. They played a few songs which included, “Hit The Coast,”  “Plastic,” “Peach,” and “Walking Through That Door.” They were feeding off the crowds energy. The crowd was pumped and was really enjoying their set. They ended their set with “Viero’s Eye,” and  “Little Dreamer,”

The final band of the evening was an American Rock band from Los Angeles, CA Weezer. The band consists of Rivers Cuomo, (vocals, guitars and keyboards,) Patrick Wilson, (drums and backing vocals,) Scott Shriner, (bass guitar, keyboards, backing vocals, and Brian Bell (guitar, keyboards, and backing vocals.

They came out to the song “My Name Is Jonas.” The crowd went crazy. Through their set in the background was various clips of cartoons as they played their songs. Each song had a different cartoon background behind the band.  Their next song “Beverly Hills, the crowd new and loved and was singing all the words. They continued to play songs which included,  “The Good Life,”  “Pork and Beans,” and “Pink Triangle.”  The crowd was dancing and singing to the songs. They had  alot of energy and the band was also feeding off their energy. The set contiued with “Blast Off,” Undone The Sweater Song,”  “Only In My Dreams,” “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived,” and “Island In The Sun.”

The venue was packed and the fans were loving every minute listening to the band play a lot of their songs that they new and loved. They played a few more songs before the encore which included, “Say It Aint So,” “Run, Raven, Run.”  “Hash Pipe,” and “Thank you And Goodnight.” They paused for a short encore and then ended their set with “The Waste Land,” Surf Wax America,” and “Buddy Holly.” They put on an amazing show filled with entertainment, energy and great visuals.

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