Grandson At Wally’s In Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

On a nice summer night in Hampton Beach, fans were lined up early at Wally’s to get a front row opportunity to see Grandson.

The first band of the evening was songwriter, producer, emerging indie/alternative artist who started in Philadelphia now resides in Los Angeles, CA No love for the middle child. 

They came on stage and the fans cheered. They came out ready to play and get the crowd ready for the remainder of the night.
They played a mix of songs that the fans knew and loved which included “Simple Things,” “Send My Love,” “Switched Up,” and “Pretty Little Lies.”   They are a band that for most that didnt know them really enjoyed their music. For the fans that did know them it was an amazing performance by a great band. 

The last band of the evening was American-Canadian singer, songwriter, and musician Grandson.
In 2016 they released a few singles including,  “Bills,” “Things Change,”and “Bury Me Face Down.”  They continued putting out singles in 2017. Some of these included, “Best Friends,” and “Kiss Bang.” In 2018 another two singles were released such as “Blood//Water” and “Thoughts and Prayers.” 
In 2019  a new single “Apologize” was released and a new EP “A Modern Tragedy Vol 2 was also announced to be released. In 2020, Grandson announced that he would be releasing a new album Death of An Optimist in December of 2020.

They came on stage and the crowd went crazy. They cheered, clapped, and were singing. They played a mix of songs from their old days and some of the newer ones. 
Before the song “Dirt” he came to the mic and asked if there was a person in the crowd named Jamie. He brought him on stage and asked for his girlfriend to come on stage as well. Jamie got down on one knee and began his proposal. The crowd cheered in excitement for the newly engaged couple.

Throughout their set the crowd was feeding off the energy of the band and they were creating mosh pits and singing loudly. At one point during the show he came into the crowd to perform “Heather” while the crowd lit up the venue with the lights from their phones. When they played their last song “Blood//Water there was water being thrown by water bottles and even a water  cannon from him and members of the band. This was an amazing show and it showed how talented of an artist he really is. Grandson is the type of artist that you don’t want to miss if given the the opportunity to see live.

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