The Dark Horizon Tour Begins in Connecticut At Mohegan Sun Arena

 After a long wait since The Dark Horizon Tour was Announced fan were ready for the first night to begin

The first band of the evening was American rock band from Lancaster, PA From Ashes To New. They are described as many as rap metal, nu metal, and alternative metal.  The band consists of  Danny Case- lead vocals, Matt Brandyberry- rap vocals, keyboard, and synthesizers, Lance Dowdle- lead guitar, bass, Mat Madiro- drums, percussion.

They have a few new songs off their newest album Blackout. Some of which include, “Until We Break,” “Nightmare,” “Hate Me Too,” and “Armageddon.”  As they were getting ready to come on stage an electronic tape of A Backstreet Boys “Everybody” was playing over the speakers.

They came out and played their first song “Nightmare.” The crowd was making their way to the front of the stage as they were starting their set. They were standing, jumping and dancing to the band as they played. They played a mix of old and new songs which included, “My Fight,” “Heartache,” and “My Name.” They put on a great show and got the fans ready for the remainder of the evening entertainment.

The next band to hit the stage for the evening was American metalcore band from Tyler, TX Fit For A King. The band consists of Bobby Lyringe- guitarist, Daniel Gailey- guitarist, Ryan Kirby-vocals, Ryan (Tuck) O’Leary- bassist, and Trey Celaya-drums. 

They released a new album The Hell We Create  in 2022. They have a few singles that were released off that album which include, “Reaper,” End (The Other Side,)” and “Falling Through The Sky,”

They opened their set with “End (The Other Side.) The fans were on their feet dancing and singing. They continued their set with “Vendetta,” “Breaking The Mirror,” and “Reaper,” During their set a pit was formed and the crowd went crazy. They finished their set with “When Everything Means Nothing,” and “God Of Fire,” As the band was exiting off stage he mentioned to the crowd “Stay Safe,” which is to a fan that he thought got hurt during their set.

The next band to hit the stage for the evening was American Rock band from Los Angeles, CA In This Moment. The band consists of Maria Brink-lead vocals, Chris Howoth-guitarist, Kent Diimell-Drums, Travis Johnson-bassist, and Randy Weitzel-guitarist.

In March of 2023, the band released a new song ” I Would Die For You,” They announced their next tour The Dark Horizons Tour a month later with Motionless in White.

As the band was getting ready to come to the stage, the background speakers were playing The Journey song “Don’t Stop Believing, and went into “Salvation.” Before lead singer Maria Brink entered the stage her servents entered and introduced her. They danced alongside an arch that was made of steel as she came out underneath it. As they walked out the lights behind them illuminated.

The band came on stage and entered with a live premier of their newest song “The Purge,” The fans seemed to like it as they were jumping up and down screaming. They played a few more songs before going into another live premier of their newest song “Sacrifice.” The fans were creating mosh pits and dancing around. The energy was felt throught the entire venue.

They ended their set with “Big Bad Wolf,” and their biggest hit “Whore.” The crowd loved every minute of their set and made sure the band knew this. They cheered, screamed, and sang along to the songs they knew and loved. This was an amazing performance and showed just how talented the band is.

The last band of the night was American Heavy Metal band from Scranton, PA. The band consists of Chris “Motionless” Cerulli- vocals, Ryan Sitkowski- guitar ,Ricky “Horror” Olson-guitar and Vinny Mauro- Drums, Justin Morrow- Bass. |

On March 7,2002 the band released their single “Cyberhex” In June 2022 they also released their newest album Scoring The End Of The World. A week before their album was to be released they released the title track off their newest album “Scoring The End Of The World.” They next unveiled another single “Masterpiece,” Their third single “Slaughterhouse,” was released as well.

They opened up their set with “Sign Of Life.” As soon as they came on stage they brought tons of energy and the crowd went crazy. Lead vocalist Cerulli was playing the crowd at times getting them to join in singing the words to their songs. The crowd started mosh pits, jumping and going crazy as the night progressed. They continued their set with “Soft,” “Headache,” and “Werewolf” As the night went on Vocalist Cerulli came to the mic and said that In This Moment has been a band that they have toured with the most in their career. They are good friends with all the members and enjoying touring with them.

In April of 2023 after they announced that they would be touring with In This Moment they would be doing a fall tour with Knocked Loose, After The Burial, and Alpha Wolfe “The Touring The End Of The World Tour.  They ended their set with “Reincarnate,” “Another Life,” and “Eternally Yours,” They put on a great show and the fans loved every minute.

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