Yungblud Invades Boston’s MGM Music Hall At Fenway

Yungblud plays his biggest show to date in the city of Boston and fans showed up early as the line around MGM Music Hall seemed to go on for a mile long.

The first band of the evening was Games We Play. As soon as they came on stage they had tons of energy. The crowd was cheering and screaming.

After they played their second song the band said to the crowd “Thank you and goodnight that is our set. They walked off stage and waved goodbye for a bit. A few moments later they came back on stage with smiles and said we are just messing with you.  The next song was a cover of Mr Brightside from The Killers. He said to the crowd “this is our first time in Boston. We have already booked a show at the Brighton Music Hall on November 4, 2023.
They play a few more songs and then he comes to the mic again and asks the crowd what time is it? It is 7:47 I have a date at 7:50pm. He then turns and his younger brother comes out on stage to model.  They put on an amazing show and the crowd really loved their energy and charism. They got the fans pumped for the rest of the night.

The next band to hit the stage is an American Rock band from Los Angeles, CA The Regrettes. The band is led by frontwomen Lydia Night. They put out their first single “A Living Human Girl” in 2016. They released a few other singles which included, “Hey Now,” “Hot,” and “Seashore.” In 2017 they released their debut album Feel Your Feelings Fool.  In 2018 while on tour in the UK their tour bus containing all their belongings was stolen from outside the Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham, UK while they played a sold out show.

They came out to their song “Dress Up.” The crowd was screaming and cheering. After a few songs Night came to the mic and said that she wanted to see a mosh pit form. They played a few more songs which included a Robyn cover “Dancing On My Own,” and “Nowhere.” Night came to the mic again and said I have one complaint I asked you to form a mosh put so before the next song starts I want you in the middle to form a freaking mosh pit! The crowd obliged and formed a mosh pit. They played a few more songs before ending their set with “Poor Boy.” They put on a great show and the crowd really enjoyed it.

The final performer of the evening was english singer, songwriter, musician, and actor from Doncaster, South Yorkshire YungBlud. He released his first EP in 2018 “Yungblud.” He released his album 21st Century Liabilty a short time later. In 2019 he released another EP “The Underrated Youth.” His next album Weird was released in Dec 2020. He has released numerous singles since 2020 and came out with his third album Yunglbud in 2022. In 2023 He began teasing a new song “Lowlife.” He sent letters to fans in the mail that gave instructions for three different places Los Angeles, London, and Rock am Ring Germany.  Fans there would find a car spray painted with the words “Lowlife” on it. They were then allowed to hear a snip it of the new single.

Yungblud came to the stage jumping up and down, running across the stage nonstop. He brought a ton of energy to the stage. He played a few songs which included, “The Funeral,” “Tissues,” and  “California.” Before the song “Fleabag” Yungblud jumped off the stage and sang at the edge of the crowd and said to the crowd “This is the point of the show where I invite someone on stage. That person picked the next song which would either be “Doctor Doctor” or “Die for The Hype.” She picked “Die for The Hype.”

He then separated the crowd to see which side was the loudest. After the song was over he wanted everyone in the crowd to look around. I want you to see someone you have never met and say hello. I want you all including kids (only at this show) to say “Hello Mother Fu**er”
He played a few more songs and then before the song “Sweet Heroine” he came to the mic and said that he got the idea for the lyrics last year when he was in Boston. He wanted everyone to do a Kumbaya session. I want you to sway from side to side. The crowd obliged and were swaying their hands from side to side.

After a short break Yungblud came back on stage. This time he was wearing a Black Red Sox Jersey. He asked the crowd if they wanted to hear a new song. He came out and sang their newest single “Lowlife.” Their final song of the evening was “Loner.” For this he brought a bunch of fans onstage and ended their set with a huge hug. Yungblud put on an amazing show that featured tons of energy, jumping, crowd participation and all in all great fun. Towards the end of the show Yungblud announced he would come outside in 5 minutes to hang out and take selfies with the fans which he did. This showed how truly amazing and talented a musician he really is.

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