Godsmack and Staind play hometown show at Xfinity Center in Mansfield, MA

Godsmack and Staind came back to play for their hometown crowd at Xfinity Center. They love playing for the crowd and love coming back to visit their roots.

First performer of the evening was DJ Mix Master Mike.  He is considered the world’s greatest DJ by USA Today. He has won grammy awards and won the DMC World Title 3 consecutive times. He was inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in 2012. In 2017 he was working on a VR Music video Magma Chamber and was entered into VR Fest. It won Best VR Animated Music Video award. It has been recognized as one of the most innovative VR music videos in the world.

During his set he performed a mix of songs and did his own twist on them.  He got the crowd pumped and ready for the remainder of the show. He did a lot of compilations and played a mix of all music. The fans were really enjoying his set. They were screaming and yelling. If you have not seen his set you need to try and see it. He put on a great performance.


Next band of the evening was American Rock band from Springfield, MA  Staind. The band consists of lead vocalist Aaron Lewis, lead guitarist Mike Mushok, bassist and backup vocals Johnny April, and drummer Sal Giancarelli. They were formed in 1995. They are set to release a new album Confessions Of The Fallen later on this year. They just released a new single “Lowest In Me” in April of this year as well.

As soon as they hit the stage the crowd went crazy. They came out to their newest single “Lowest In Me.” The fans were singing along.  They played songs which included, “Not Again,” “Just Go,” “Home,” and “Eyes Wide Open.” The fans were screaming, cheering, and jumping.
They continued their set with “Fade,” “Something To Remind You,” “Epiphany,” and “Right Side.”  The fans were screaming. The fans were giving back so much energy. The set was coming to an end. They finished their set with “So Far Away,” “For You,” “It’s Been A While,” and “Mudshovel.” They put on a great show and the fans loved every minute.

The final band of the evening was American Rock band from Lawrence, MA Godsmack. They were formed in 1995. They are formed of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Sully Erna, bassist Robbie Merrill, lead guitarist Tony Rombola, and drummer Shannon Larkin. They have released eight albums, one EP (“The Other Side,”), four DVD’s, one compilation album ( Good Times, Bad Times, ten years of Godsmack.) and one live album (Live & Inspired,)  In honor of the band’s release of their sixth album “1000hp,” Mayor Marty Walsh announced that August 6 would be “Godsmack Day.”

They walked on stage and the hometown crowd roared and screamed. This was the moment they had waited all night for. To see their hometown band perform live.
They came on stage singing “When Legends Rise.”  They played a few more songs which included, “Crying Like A Bi**h,” “1000hp,” and “You and I.”

Before the song “Something Different Erna came to the mic and asked all the girls to get on their guys shoulders and he wanted the venue completely dark. He then asked everyone to use their phone lights and light up the venue. They obliged. During the song they had fireworks going off as well.
They continued with a few more songs, “What About Me,” (one of their biggest hits) “Awake” and “Bulletproof.” The crowd brought tons of energy and the band was feeding off that. The crowd was screaming and singing along to all the songs.

For the final part of the set they played more of their hit songs. “Voodoo,” Batalla de los tambores (which was a drum battle between Erna and larkin).The continued with “Whatever,” and “Surrender.” They put on an amazing show. They are always loved by their hometown crowd. They always play an amazing show for the crowd. The fans loved it and were screaming and cheering the entire night.

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