Yellowcard Brings 20 Years Of “Ocean Avenue” To Life

Yellowcard reuniting is one of the biggest things to hit every elder emo kids life. But not only did Yellowcard decide to throw a headlining tour they brought Anberlin along for the ride!

The lines were long and everyone was bouncing and buzzing with excitement, joy and anticipation. The night started with a DJ who is part of Emo Night Brooklyn.

The first band to hit the stage was Anberlin! Anberlin is an alternative rock band that formed in 2002 in Winter Haven, Florida.  The band disbanded in 2014 and reunited in 2018.

The band came onto the  stage in the cover of darkness and as soon as the audience realized they had enter red they began to scream. The band was encased in red light as they played. They opened up with “Never Take Friendship Personal”. The audience was ecstatic and they instantly began to vibe with the band.  Those who knew the song sang along. Everyone was having a fantastic time! The band had a ton of energy and was able to really deliver and wake the audience up, getting them ready for the rest of the night.

The second band of the night was from Tallahassee, Florida. Mayday Parade formed in 2005 when two local bands decided to combine into one. As they came into the stage the fans screamed! Everyone was grinning from ear to ear ready to watch an amazing performance. If you thought Anberlin was energetic wait to you see Mayday Parade. This band was bounding off the walls, giving a performance if a lifetime. People were screaming and singing along while others were jumping up and down. One thing was for certain that tonight’s show was amazing and everyone was on cloud nine.

It was time for the final band of the night; the long awaited Yellowcard. Yellowcard is a rock band that formed in 1997 in Jacksonville, Florida. The band stayed to tether until 2008 when they broke up. They then reunited in 2010-2017 and then banding together once more in 2023 for their 20 Years of Ocean Avenue Tour. The band is formed by Sean Mackin-violin/vocals, Ryan Key-vocals/piano, Ryan Mendez-guitar/backing vocals and Josh Portman-bass/backing vocals.

The band opened up with “Way Away”. Everyone screamed when they realized what song was playing. This song was partially made popular by the PlayStation Snowboarding video game SSX 3.

Everyone screamed their hearts out as they sang along. This band truly brought the hype and energy. Everyone sang, screamed and jumped along as the band played. Not one person was sitting down for their performance. The second song they performed was “Breathing”. This band truly brought their all to their performance. The violin is also such a great touch to this band and what has always made them stand out! The band ended their set with their beloved song “Ocean Avenue”. The night was truly magical and brought so many memories of high school and growing up back to all the fans that were there!

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