Jason Aldean weathers the storm to play his show at Xfinity Center Mansfield, MA

With all the recent rain that the New England area experienced the past week, tonight is no different. The skies opened up as fans were making their way to see Jason Aldean perform live.

First performer of the evening was American country singer from Bixby, Oklahoma Corey Kent.  He is best known for his hit songs “Wild As Her,” and “Something’s Gonna Kill Me.” He recently released his newest debut album Blacktop in June 2023.

He came to the stage as fans were entering the venue. He started his set off with “Highways.” He then played his newest single off his debut album “Somethings Gonna Kill Me.” The crowd cheered, danced and enjoyed his music. He played a few more songs before ending his set with “Wild As Her.” Even thought his set was short the fans loved every minute of it. He put on a great show and got the crowd ready for what turned out to be an epic night to remember.

As soon as Corey’s set was over there was an announcement over the speakers that the storm was moving in and they were issuing a Shelter in Place. This confused the fans as some other fans had heard that there was going to be an Evacuation. So needless to say there was a lot of mass confusion. Some fans decided to weather the storm by staying in the venue while others evacuated the venue and returned to their cars in hopes that the main act would be able to perform.

The next performer that was supposed to hit the stage would have been country singer Mitchell Tenpenny. Mitchell never ended up playing his set due to severe weather in the area forcing the show to halt for two hours.

Roughly around 9’oclock there was an announcement via social media and over the PA system at the venue that they were going to start letting the fans that had evacuated back into the venue. This would give them time to get back through security and enter the venue. Their hopes were that Jason Aldean was going to be able to perform at least an hour of his set starting at 10:00 pm.
We later learned that an agreement was made between the venue and the Jason Aldean camp that he would be able to go past curfew of 11:00 and play his entire set.
Some of the fans had left due to not knowing what the situation was and what was happening. The fans that stayed were going back to their seats waiting for the show to go on.

At roughly 10:00pm American Country singer from Macon, Georgia Jason Aldean was ready to hit the stage. After a two hour rain delay Jason was ready to play for the fans that braved the weather and stayed there to see him perform.
His first song of the night was ‘Tough Crowd.” As soon as he started playing the fans were screaming and yelling. The fans were ready to party after standing in the rain for a few hours. They were soaked and tired but that didn’t stop them from having a good time. He played a few more songs which included, “Tattoos On Town,” “When She Says Baby,” and “That’s What Tequila Does.”
Right before his controversial song “Try That In A Small Town,” Aldean came to the stage to address the crowd about the meaning of the song and how he wants to have all this go back to the way it was before this song made headlines.
He stated “I love our Country, I want to see it restored to what it once was before all this Bullsh** started happening to us. I love my country, I love my family and I will do anything to protect that and I can tell you that right now. (crowd chants USA! USA!) Here is what I want to say. A lot of things out there and one thing I love and you guys know how it is this day and age cancel culture is a thing and its something that if people don’t like what you say people think that they can just go ahead and cancel you which means try and ruin your life. Ruin everything. One thing I saw this week, was a bunch of country music fans I can see through a lot of the bullsh** alright? I saw country music fan rally like I’ve never seen before and it was pretty bada** to watch. I gotta say thank you to you guys so much. So I had people ask me man everything’s that going on with this song do you think you will play it tonight? Do you think your going to play it? I said you know people that come to my shows you know what I’m about. You know that I stand for and I have never shied away from that. I know that a lot of you guys grew up like I did. You kind of had the same values, the same principles as I did, which is we want to take our kids to a movie and not worry about some a**hole coming in and shooting up the theatre. So when somebody asked me man what do you think about you gonna play that song tonight? The answer was simple. The people have spoken and you guys spoke very very loudly this week. ” He then went on to play the song. The crowd went crazy and cheered and screamed loudly.

He continued his set with “Take A little ride,” a Colt Ford cover “Dirt Road Anthem,” and “Got What I Got.” During the song “Trouble With A Heartbreak,” he was seen signing autographs and giving high fives to the fans that were on the edge of the stage. The fans were loving every minute of his performance and they let him know they were feeling his love.

The next part of the performance was where he played his biggest hits. He continued with “Big Green Tractor,” Lights Come On,” and “Girl Like You.”  During the song ” If I Didn’t Love You,” on the video screens appeared Carrie Underwood to sing her parts of the song with him. The fans loved this and screamed even louder when they saw images of Carrie on screen behind him. They cheered and screamed and jumped and danced.

He ended his set with “Hicktown,” a Brantley Gilbert cover, “My Kind of Party,'” and “She’s Country.” The fans were glad that they braved the weather and stayed for what was an incredible, controversial night to remember. The placed was packed with fans who were there for the party the entire night.


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