Jelly Roll Sells Out The Xfinity Center in Mansfield, MA on his First Headline tour

Country Rock superstar Jelly Roll makes his debut appearance on his first headlining tour at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield. This was his 6th sold out show in a row on his tour.

First up to hit the stage was American Rapper from Nashville, TN Struggle Jennings.  He is the grandson of rock guitarist Duane Eddy and country musician Jessi Colter, the step grandson of Waylon Jennings, and the nephew of Scooter Jennings, from which he adopted his stage name. 

He opened up his set with “Troubadour of Troubled Souls.” Although it was a short set the fans were cheering and singing along to all the words of his songs. He is well liked and has a big following of fans that came to see him perform live. He sang a Carl Perkins cover “Blue Suede Shoes.” He continued his set with “Savior,” “God We Need To Know,” “Cries of The Crusaders.” He ended his set with “Outlaw Sh**.” The fans loved his set and were screaming and cheering for him and interacting with him during his set.

Next to hit the stage was American Singer/songwriter, musician, and actress from Los Angeles, CA Elle King.  She is the daughter of actor Rob Schneider. She stared alongside him in the movie  Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo in 1999. When she was 9 her step father gave her a record by an all female rock band.  This to her was the pivotal moment in her life when she decided she wanted to be a musician. She started playing guitar at age 13 and has been in the music industry of some kind ever since. 

She opened up her set with “Tulsa.” The crowd cheered loudly when she came on stage. She continued with “Out Yonder,” “Chain Smoking, Hard Drinking ,Woman.” The next song was one the crowd knew and loved and was screaming and singing along loudly. ” She played one of her biggest songs “Ex’s and O’s.” The crowd was jumping and dancing at this point and were feeling the energy from King who was interacting with the crowd. 

She continued through her set with “Aint Country By Choice,” a Mac Allen Smith Cover, “I’m Not Drunk I’m Just Drinking.” She had the crowd on their feet dancing to her songs. She ended her set with “Love Go By” and “Drunk and I don’t Wanna Go Home.” The fans were cheering, singing, screaming, and jumping through her entire set. They were loving every minute of her performance.


The final performer of the evening was non other then American multi genre singer/songwriter Jelly Roll. He was born and raised in Nashville, TN. He grew up having a rough childhood with his mom having a lot of mental health issues as well as drug addiction. Before he launched his country career he started in the hip hop side of the music industry. He released many mix tapes and an independent solo album which he collaborated with Lil Whyte, Struggle Jennings, Haystack, and Tech N9ne. 
He made his country debut in 2021. In 2022 he was invited by Craig Morgan to join him on stage at the Grand Old Opry to perform “Almost Home.”

As soon as he hit the stage the fans went absolutely crazy. They were standing, cheering, screaming and chanting “Jelly, Jelly, Jelly.” He stood in awe of the audience yelling his name. He opened his set with “Lost.” The fans were singing along. He continued with “The Hate Goes On,” “Halfway To Hell,” “Creature,” and “Dead Man Walking.” He was interacting with the crowd and giving them tons of energy which the fans were feeding off of. The fans were jumping around and cheering at points chanting his name again.
He saw a girl holding a sign in the crowd that said that she wanted him to design a tattoo for her. She was 19 months sober. He mentioned to security “I will do better I want to have the girl come back stage and I will design a tattoo for her. I want to hear her story.

His next song “Son Of A Sinner,” is one of his biggest songs of his career. The crowd went completely out of control and were heard singing this song so loud that you could hardly hear Jelly himself singing. He mentioned to the crowd that this was his loudest and most energetic crowd of the tour. The fans cheered and screamed loudly. At points during the song he let the crowd sing and he just stood in awe and listened as the crowd sang his song back to him.  He then went into a medley of songs from the 80’s country which featured, “Should’ve Been A Cowboy,” (Toby Keith cover)/ “Don’t Rock The Jukebox ,”(Alan Jackson cover)/”Chasin That Neon Rainbow,” (Alan Jackson cover)/ “Take It Easy” (Eagles cover). 
He saw a young girl in the stage that had a sign and he mentioned to security that he wanted her to come back stage after the show and meet him as well.

During his set he invites his wife to come on stage and be with him. He introduces her to the crowd and sings with her then she exits the stage. The fans cheered for her and were on their feet cheering. 
He continues with “Dancing With The Devil,” a Brantley Gilbert cover “Son of The Dirty South,” “Need A Favor, (another fan favorite) “The House of The Rising Sun,” and “Wheels Fall Off.” 

For the next song he introduces his lifelong friend that he grew up with Struggle Jennings. He invites him back on stage to sing “Fall In Love” together and the fans screamed and cheered. 
He rounds out his set with a Lynryd Skynrd cover “Simple Man,” “Smoking Section,” and another one of his biggest hits “Save me.” This song features a duet with Lainey Wilson. The crowd sang every word and again Jelly let the fans sing the song back to him. He was in awe at how much the crowd loved his music and mentioned to the crowd that he was grateful for all of them to be there sharing this with him. He thanked the crowd and said he wouldn’t be here without them. 
Jelly put on an amazing performance and the fans were in awe of how talented of an artist he is. This was a show that left you wanting to hear more and listen to more of his music.


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