Young The Giant Brings Their ‘American Bollywood’ to Phoenix

Young the Giant recently released a new album called American Bollywood in November 2022. This means they are hitting the road and sharing their new album to millions of people!

The first artist of the night was Rosa Linn. Rosa Linn was born in Vanadzor, Armenia. She began playing piano at a young age. She also writes and produces her own music. The audience clapped as  she came out with her band mate. As he played the guitar she sang her heart out. Her music was slow and hypnotic. You would get lost in her melodies. Her voice was soft and whimsical while being powerful. As she sang she would walk across the stage. For some songs she would stand in front if her microphone stand. Attached to her stand was the Armenian flag. Everyone swayed to her songs and enjoyed the tranquility of her voice. Her performance was beautiful and she is an artist everyone should keep their eyes on.

The second artist of the night was Milky Chance. Milky Chance hails from Kassel, Germany and formed in 2012. The band is made up by Clemens Rehbein-lead vocals/guitar/bass, Philipp Dausch– drums/percussion/vocals/guitar/bass,Antonio Greger– guitar/harmonica/bass and their touring member is Sebastian Schmidt– drums/percussion. The band opened up their set with “Synchronize” which was one of their singles in 2022. The audience erupted in cheers as they began to play. This synth/alternative rock brand definitely knew how to bring the house down. Their music got everyone in the audience and even the photo pit to dance. Everyone was soaking in all the beats and lyrics.  Regbein addressed the audience and announced how they had come all the way from Germany to play for them. Everyone in the band moved around the stage. Everyone was anticipating the long awaited song “Stolen Dance”. That time in the night came when they finally played it and everyone was smiling from ear to ear.  Everyone sang along. You could hear them from the lobby of the Financial Theater.

The final act of the night, Young The Giant took to the stage. The stage was beautifully decorated with marigolds and Indian architecture. From the ceiling hung a beautiful green canopy with a disco ball. A beautiful mesh of Bollywood and disco hints. The house lights and stage lights went off as darkness surrounded  everyone. When the stage lights went on the band members came out. A video began to play on a screen behind the stage setup. Everyone watched the story line in awe. The band members came out one by one. The fans screamed at they tried to get closer to the stage. Young the Giant formed in 2004 in Irving, California. the bands current line up consists of Sameer Gadhia – lead vocals/percussion/keyboards/guitar, Jacob Tilley – guitar/synthesizer/mellotron, Eric Cannata – guitar/vocals/keyboard, Payam Doostzadeh – bass guitar/synthesizer/vocals and Francois Comtois – drums/percussion/vocals/bass guitar.

The band opened up with their song “American Bollywood”. Everyone cheered and clapped as the band performed and the smell of incense filled their lungs. The band had incense burning on stage. Fans were dancing and singing along with the band. There were a couple members who moved around quite often but for the most part the band stayed in their spots. Gadhia also played the tambourine for a few of their songs. At one point all the members went to the platform the drums were on and they jumped together to their sing and encounter the audience to bounce along with them! Everyone was having a wonderful time enjoying the music and taking in all the visuals.  They ended their set with “My Body”, their crowd pleaser and of their most coveted songs by fans.

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