Disturbed Has A Fiery Performance in Mansfield, MA on The Take Back Your Life Tour

The Xfinity Center in Mansfield was filled with fans that had been tailgating all day, and fans that were in line waiting to get a chance to see Disturbed tear up the stage for the Take Back Your Life Tour.

First band of the evening was Ukrainian metalcore band from Donetsk Jinjer. The band is formed with all new members as all the original members of the band have left the band throughout the years. The band now consists of lead vocalist Tetiana Shmailyuk, ,guitarist Roman Ibramkhalilov, bassist Eugene Abdukhanov, and drummer Vladislav Ulasevich.

They opened their set with “Perennial.” The fans were piling into the venue as Jiner was on stage. They were cheering and singing along to the songs that they knew.  They continued their set with “Call Me A Symbol,” “Vortex,” I Speak Astronomy. By the middle of the set the fans were at their seats and were cheering and screaming for the band. Although they had a short set they got the fans ready for the remainder of the night. They rounded out their set with “CopyCat,” and “As I boil Ice.”
If you had not had a chance to see them live you really should. They are a talented group of artists and it shows during their performance.


The next band of the evening was American Rock band from Wilkes- Barre PA, Breaking Benjamin.  The band consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Benjamin Burnley, bassist and backup vocalist Aaron Bruch, bassist and backup vocalist Keith Wallen, guitarist Jasen Rauch, and drummer Shaun Foist. The band has announced that they will be releasing new music this year.

They were co-headlining the tour so their set was a bit larger then Jinjer. They opened their set with “Failure.” The fans were jumping, cheering, and singing along to the songs. The crowd could feel the energy from the band and they matched that energy as well. They continued with “Breath,” “Until The End,” and “Red Cold River,” The fans describe their music as mixing heavy hard rock dynamics with a moody demeanor that never slips into full-on dejection” They were loving every minute and were screaming and cheering their entire set. They were on their feet the entire time as well.
Their set consisted of songs from their old stuff and some of their newer songs as well. They played “Blow Me Away,” “Follow,” “Sooner or Later,” and “So Cold.”

They played a few more songs before ending their set with “Dance With The Devil,” “I Will Not Bow,” and ‘The Diary of Jane.” The fans were on their feet cheering and screaming. If you have a chance to see them you should see them live.


The final band of the evening was none other than American heavy rock band from Chicago, IL Disturbed. The band consists of guitarist Dan Donegan, drummer Mike Wengren, lead vocalist David Draiman, and bassist John Moyer. They are known for their powerful sound, lyrics, and vocals. Draiman talked about his new music that was released in 2022 that it was going back to their original roots and he wanted it to be close to the vibe of The Sickness and Ten Thousand Fists album. They released their newest single “Hey You,” in 2022. They released their newest album at the end of 2002 titled Divisive. They released a single off that album called “Unstoppable.”

As soon as the band was on stage the crowd went crazy. The entire set was filled with high energy and fire on stage their entire set. They had lines of fire that were on rails that would move up and down with fire ignited on all of them.  They opened their set with “Hey You,” The fans went crazy and were cheering and screaming. They continued with a few of their big hit songs from their early days with  “Stupify,”and “Ten Thousand Fists.” the fans knew these song and were singing loudly back to the band. The band brought tons of energy and Draiman was on point with his vocals. They continued with a few more songs which included, “Prayer,” “Are You Ready” and “Bad Man.”

The next part of the set started with Draiman on the video screen making a public service announcement about Addiction and Depression. This is something that has hit hard with the band and they wanted to make an announcement to the fans to let them know that Addiction and Depression are an illness that should not be overlooked. He spoke to the fans over the video and then it went into a series of videos that the fans watched in awe. The venue was filled with silence as they watched the screens and some fans cheered and screamed as they read the messages that were being portrayed over the video screens. He then came out and sat in a chair and did and acoustic performance of the song “Reason To Fight.”

They then go into a guitar solo nad Driman comes to the mic and makes an emotional monologue about Suicide Prevention and how it is important that we try and help our fellow brother and sisters. This is a disease and we need to try and help others and not turn our backs on them and we need to make sure they get the help they need to overcome this disease. While he was speaking the crowd grew silent and cheered when he mentioned something they enjoyed or when something he said hit home for them. He was getting emotional as he was speaking and the fans were cheering and screaming as he was talking to them. He came up close the fans as he was doing his monologue.

They played a few more songs after this which included, a Genesis cover “Land of Confusion,” “Open Your Eyes,” which they had not played since 2017. They went into a drum solo and the rest of the band took a quick breather.
They played a Simon and Garfunkel cover “The Sound of Silence,” the fans were singing along to every word. They were listening to Draiman’s powerful vocals and the words to the songs.

Before the song “Light,” Draiman goes up the crowd and points out to a fan and asks her “Why were you crying earlier? She stated that her mom raised her listening to the band. He raised his fists in the air and said I love that. He then turned and said you must be the mother. He asked them their names and had the crowd say hi to each of them. He then put the mic to another fan and she told Draiman that he had saved her life and he in turn said “you saved mine all of you did.” Then another fan got on the mic and said that he was the reason she has been sober for 5 years now. He said to the crowd. This never gets old. I love hearing how music has saved so many lives. They say that hard rock and heavy metal is evil and dark, it is absolute Bull sh**, besides darkness can show you the light. He then goes into playing the song “Light.” This is the point in our performance when the gentlemen of Disturbed humbly request a moment of the audience participation. when we play the next song and you hear me play the following two words The Light. I want each of you to hold something that lights in the air. Only when i sing those two words the Light. The fans obliged.

They came out for their encore with their biggest hits “Unstoppable,” “Down With The Sickness.” and “Inside The Fire.” The fans were screaming and cheering. This show shows how talented and amazing these artists really are. They have such powerful vocals and sound.

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