The Offspring Let The Bad Times Roll Into Mansfield For One Final Show

In a triumphant collision of punk rock energy, The Xfinity Center in Mansfield played host to an unforgettable evening that transported the audience back to the golden era of the 90’s.

First band of the evening was Canadian rock band from Montreal, Quebec Simple Plan. The band is made up of lead vocalist Pierre Bouvier, guitarist Jeff Stinco, rhythm guitarist Sébastien Lefebvre, and on drums Chuck Comeau. In 2021 the band re-recorded “What’s New Scooby Doo?” theme song and made it available for streaming. They released their first single “The Antidote” off their sixth album Harder Then It Looks. They released another single from that album “Congratulations” in 2021 as well.

Before the band hit the stage the theme song for Star Wars was heard playing through the speakers. The band then came out on stage and the crowd cheered. They opened their set with “I’d Do Anything.” They played a few more of their songs before doing a series of 80’s mosh up songs. These included “All Star/” “Sk8er Boy,/” “Mr Brightside.

The fans were really enjoying singing along to some of the old 80’s rock songs that they grew up on. They continued their set with the “What’s New Scooby Doo” theme song,  and “Where I Belong” The crowd was on their feet dancing and jumping now. Their set was short but the fans were really enjoying it. They closed out their set with “Im Just A Kid,” and “Perfect.”


Next band to hit the stage was Canadian Rock band from Ajax, Ontario Sum 41. The band consists of lead vocalist Deryck Whibley, guitarist Dave “Brownsound” Baksh, bass and vocals  Jason “Cone” McCaslin, keyboard and guitar  Tom Thacker, and drums Frank Zummo. They were formed in 1996 and are still going strong now. They released their eighth studio album Heaven and Hell  in 2022. This was set to be a double album.  Heaven will be a return of the bands rock earlier style and Hell will be a continuation of the bands new heavier metal style. The Hell side will be a lot heavier then the older stuff.
They will be playing at When We Were Young in October 2023.
They announced this year that they will be doing a headlining tour this year into next year 2024.  Their final date next year of the tour will bring them to Paris La Défense Arena in Nanterre, France.

They too also had intro music before they hit the stage. It could be heard playing in the background of the venue. They hit the stage with their opening song, “Motivation.” This led into a chug riff and a guitar solo. The fans went crazy. They were screaming and cheering and jumping up and down. They continued with their next song “The Hell Song.” They played a few more songs before playing the Queen cover song, “We Will Rock You.”

They closed their set with “In Too Deep,” “Fat Lip,” and “Still Waiting.” The fans were loving every minute. They were jumping and cheering and having a party.


The final band of the evening was American Punk Rock Band from Garden Grove, California The Offspring. The band consists of lead vocalist Bryan “Dexter” Holland, lead guitarist Kevin “Noodles” Wasserman, bassist Todd Morse and drummer Brandon Pertzborn. They were formed in 1984.
In 2022 they announced that they were working on their eleventh album. They had some material they got during the pandemic and are working on new material for that album. They have had a lot of band changes over the span of 39 years and 2023 was do different. The band announced that Brandon Pertzborn was going to the new drummer replacing Josh Freese. On August 6, 2023, original Offspring drummer James Lilja joined the Offspring on stage for the first time since 1987 and performed the song “Beheaded” (which he had co-written with Dexter Holland)

Before they hit the stage an A-ha cover of ‘Take On Me,” could be heard playing in the background. This went into Lullaby. The band hit the stage and the fans went crazy. They were waiting all night to see this band live. They were jumping up and down and screaming.
They opened their set with “Come Out and Play.”

They continued their set with “All I Want,” “Want You Bad,” Let The Bad Times Roll,” and “Staring At The Sun.” The fans were out of their seats cheering. They played a few more songs before going into a medley of songs which included. “Iron Man / The Trooper / Sweet Child o’ Mine / In the Hall of the Mountain King.”
The venue now felt like a party was going on. The band was on stage with tons of energy and the fans were in their seats with tons of energy. This made for one big party in the stands.

They continued their set with a few more songs before closing out their set with “Why Don’t You Get A Job?” “Can’t Get My Head Around You.” “Pretty Fly For A White Guy,” and “The Kids Aren’t Alright.” The fans were going crazy and wanted more. They were screaming and yelling as they were playing their finals notes of the evening. This was an amazing show had by all. The fans and the band had a blast. It was like being back in the 90’s all over again.

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