Ashley Cooke shot In The Dark Tour Hits Brighton Music Hall

The fans were packed in The Brighton Music Hall  to get a glimpse of Ashley Cooke as she is headlining her first ever tour.

First up for the evening was country singer from Roswell, GA Vincent Mason. He was slated to go back to school and then a few weeks before he decided that he had been writing songs and wanted to go to Nashville to pursue music instead of going back to school. So with that he packed up and moved to Nashville in 2020 and got a spot at Lipscomb University In Nashville.
He has a handful of songs out now with a few EP’s on the way. He is an up and coming country artist that has recently moved to Nashville to pursue his love for music. His newest release is “A Little Too Good.”

He came on stage with just him and the guitar. He played a few cover songs which included a cover of John Pardy’s “Head Over Boots,” and Hardy’s cover of “One Beer.” He also played a cover of Kenny Chesney’s “American Kids.” He played a few of his singles as well. The crowd really enjoyed listening to him live. He is a great artist and will do great things in the future.


The final performer of the evening is American country singer from Parkland, FL Ashley Cooke. She is an up and coming country artist that is making her mark in Nashville. She has a new debut album Shot In The Dark. It is inspired by love and all things in between.

As soon as she hit the stage the fans were on their feet cheering and screaming. She opened her set with “Getting Into.”  She continued with “Moving On With Grace,” “I Almost Do.” and “Shot In The Dark.” She moved onto a few medleys as fans were singing along with her and screaming. The fans were excited to be able to see her live and were loving hearing new music live. They were super excited when they heard some of her new music.

She then continued with “Sunday Morning Kinda Saturday Night.” “It’s Been A Year.” and “Build A Bridge”  The crowd was filled with excitement and tons of energy. She played a few more songs before her encore which included “Taste Like,” “Your Place,” and “Never Till Now.” This was a great show.

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