Fit for a King and The Devil Wears Prada Co-Headline at Worcester Palladium

Bands Fit For A King and The Devil Wears Prada co-headline a show at The Palladium in Worcester, MA with help from supporting bands LANDMVRKS and Counterparts.

First up was the band LANDMVRKS, and they opened with a bang. There was crowdsurfing during the first song, which even at a sold out show at the Palladium does not usually happen. The band’s stage presence was undeniable. They clearly have a following in Massachusetts and the New England area by the crowd’s instant reaction to their set.

The band comes all the way from France, so that may explain them being the first opener of this tour despite the crowd’s reaction. The band kept the crowd’s attention and kept their energy up throughout their whole set. It was clear that Massachusetts has many fans of LANDMVRKS and would want to see more of the band.

The next opener for the night was Counterparts. The band had a hard act to follow with such a strong opening act from LANDMVRKS but they did not back down from the challenge and held their own. The crowd continued to crowdsurf, scream, sing along, mosh and jump around throughout the band’s whole set.

The vocalist engaged the crowd to keep them participating and keeping the energy up. The band’s sound is true to their recordings and their heavy sound kept the crowd moving.

Then it was time for the first headliner of the night, The Devil Wears Prada. The band may share a name with the movie starring Anne Hathaway, but the band did come first in 2005. TDWP is no stranger to Massachusetts or this venue, The Palladium. They fill the room every time they play in this venue or area, there is clearly a big following for them even almost 20 years later. Their stage set up with the drums and keyboard being elevated and the colorful lighting make it clear that this band goes all out and puts their all into their shows.

Their set included new and old songs, spanning the band’s diverse discography throughout the years. The vocalist had a heartfelt moment speaking to the crowd towards the end of their set, explaining how they have played live many times in this area over the years and Massachusetts always goes hard for them. They ended their set by playing their song “Plagues” which was an extra song not even on their setlist on the stage.

Last but certainly not least, Fit For A King finally hit the stage. The crowd had clearly been waiting for this, it was late on a weeknight but the room was still full and filled with excitement, jumping, moshing, singing and all. The band started their set off with their hit song “Annihilation”, the crowd was thrilled. Their sound did not miss a single note, true to their recorded songs and just what you would want the live performance to be.

The lights filled the room with colorful designs to go along with the music. The vocalist continued to amp up the crowd as they played songs that spanned their discography. Their set included a couple songs off their latest album release such as “Falling Through The Sky” and “Reaper”. The rest of their set was songs from later releases, a diverse collection that spanned their entire discography. It was the perfect mix for any fan and kept you interested until the end of the song. They ended their set with a special treat, “God of Fire” which included a guest feature from David Benites.

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