Rob Zombie and Alice Copper Join Forces

Freaks on Parade is the current tour where Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper join forces; in this  perfect situation to let your inner freak out! Fans from all over flocked to Talking Stick Amphitheater to hail these amazing bands that have made it through the tests of time and are stronger than ever.

The first band to hit the stage was Ministry, an industrial metal band from Chicago, Illinois. The bound was founded in 1981 by Al Jorgensen, the bands singer and producer. The band has gone through many line up changes but one member has remained strong, Al Jorgensen, making him the only original band member. The current line up is formed by Al Jorgensen-vocals, John Bechdel-keyboards, Cesar Soto-guitar/vocals, Paul D’Amour-bass, Roy Mayorga-drums and Monte Pittman-guitar/vocals.

The band came onto the stage with force, commanding the audiences attention. Everyone cheered as they began to play. Instantly the band grabbed everyone’s attention with the fast and hard hitting beats. Every member was energetic, they moved all about the stage with the exception of Mayorga and Bechdel who had to remain stationary. They opened their set with “Thieves”. Fans who knew the music sang along. Those who didn’t know the band could be seen bobbing their heads to the beat. The band really captured everyone’s attention and held it for the entire set, and the fans cheered when they ended their set. The last song they performed was “Goddamn White Trash”.

The second band to hit the stage was none other than the Phoenix legend himself, Alice Cooper! The shock rock musician came onto the stage with a dramatic entrance through a curtain. Alice Cooper started his music career and journey in 1964 and his career has spanned over 5 decades! His current bands line up is Alice Cooper – lead vocals/harmonica/guitars/percussion/synthesizer, Ryan Roxie-guitar/vocals, Chuck Garric-bass/vocals, Tommy Henriksen-guitar/vocals, Nita Strauss-guitar/vocals and Glen Sobel-drums.

The band came out full of energy and ready to rock everyone’s world! They opened up their set with “Lock Me Up”. The audience screamed with excitement. The second song of their night is when everyone went wild. The audience banded together and sang every line of the song word for word. The second song was “No More Mr. Nice Guy”.  Cooper walked around throwing around a cane, a sword and even a crutch! The rest of the band ran around the stage bouncing their energy off the walls.
Nita Strauss also threw down like there was no tomorrow. Her energy was contagious and all of the girls in the audience looked at her with admiration! Alice Cooper and the rest of the band put on an amazing performance that everyone was going to remember!

The final artist of the night was Rob Zombie! Zombie is a legend that truly transcends his genre and craft! Zombie started performing in 1985 and is considered shock rock as well! Rob Zombie is not only a musician, he is also a producer, filmmaker, song writer and actor. The bands current line up is made up by Rob Zombie – lead vocals, Piggy D-bass/bass, Ginger Fish-drums and Mike Riggs-guitar/vocals. The band opened up their set with “The Triumph of King Freak (A Crypt of Preservation and Superstition)”. As soon as they came on stage everyone went berserk. There was a giant ship on stage and on top of that ship was Rob Zombie. The rest of the members had their feet on the ground, moving all about the stage. The stage also had many levels to it, giving the audience a better view! As they performed the stages flashed graphics, giving the audience more to look at and soak in.

The third song of their set was “Feel So Numb”, the minute it started playing the whole Pavilion sang in unison. Everyone was having a blast screaming their heads off and cheering. Rob Zombie gave the performance of a lifetime, from an excellent setlist, creative and entertaining graphics to great showmanship!

My first concert was when I was 14 years old and my uncle took me. The bands playing were none other than Rob Zombie and Godsmack. Being able to photograph Rob Zombie is an experience I will never forget and really brought my concert experience full circle. Zombie is one of my favorite artists not only for his showman ship, stage presence and creative songs but because his concerts hold special memories. This is an artists that everyone should experience once in their lifetime!

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