Taproot Create Memories At Wally’s in Hampton Beach New Hampshire

After a long wait, Taproot are back with a vengeance. The fans were ecstatic that they were going to see Taproot live again.

The first band of the night was American heavy metal band from New Haven, CT Dead by Wednesday. The band’s current lineup includes founding members Christian “Opus” Lawrence (drums) and Michael Modeste (bass), along with Dave Sharpe (guitar) and Steve Alvarez (vocals).
In 2023 they embarked on a highly anticipated European tour, spanning 15 days and visiting eight countries. The tour kicked off in Frankfurt, Germany, and took the band to various notable venues across Europe. They also have a documentary about their European tour. It offers fans and music enthusiasts a unique perspective into the band’s music and touring adventures.

From the moment they took the stage the fans wear on their feet cheering. They got the fans energized and ready for the remainder of the evening

Next up was hard hitting funk metal band from Portland, ME Trawl. The band consists of Sean Matthews on vocals, Seth McClellan on bass, Justin Patry on guitar, Adam Nichols on drums. The fans were very aware of who they are and what they are about. They are a local band that the fans love to come and see live.

 In June of 2023 the band released their newest EP “Cosmic Aquatic.” Trawl delivered an unforgettable concert experience. The band’s energy was infectious with every note. The venue’s intimate setting allowed for a close connection between the performers and the audience. The setlist was a perfect blend of crowd-pleasers and fresh tracks, keeping the excitement high. Although with a few technical difficulties with Justin’s guitar that didn’t stop them from having a Steller set. Trawl’s performance at Wally’s was an amazing display of funk metal that left the audience wanting more. A truly exceptional night!”

The next band of the evening was American Rock band from Detroit, MI Eva Under Fire. The band consists of lead vocalist Eva Marie, guitarists Rob Lyberg and Chris Slapnik, bassist Ed Gawlik, and drummer Dave Miller II. They have been named one of the bands to watch in 2023. They are touring off their latest album Love Drugs and Misery. The band’s frontwoman, Eva Sotomayor, commanded the stage with a magnetic presence, her vocals soaring effortlessly through the air. Eva’s emotive delivery of the lyrics added depth to each song, drawing the audience into a shared emotional experience. Their set started with “Comatose.”

The setlist showcased the band’s versatility, seamlessly transitioning between high-energy anthems and soul-stirring ballads. The crowd responded with enthusiastic cheers and applause, creating a symbiotic exchange of energy between performers and fans.
Eva Under Fires’ performance was not just a concert; it was a musical journey that left an indelible mark on everyone fortunate enough to be in attendance. As the final chords resonated, the lingering applause echoed the sentiment that Eva Under Fire had delivered a night to remember.

The last and final band of the evening was American alternative metal band from Ann Arbor, MI Taproot. The band consists of  lead vocalist and rhythm guitar Stephen Richards, bass, Phil Lipscomb, drums and backing vocalist Jarrod Montague, and lead guitar Taylor Roberts.
The band wasted no time plunging into a setlist that seamlessly blended their signature hard-hitting sound with moments of introspective melody. The setlist was a well-crafted mix of old favorites and newer tracks, pleasing both longtime fans and those just discovering the band.
They opened their set with “Smile” and rolled into  “Again and Again.”  The fans responded with an electrifying enthusiasm that reverberated throughout the night.

Lead vocalist Stephen Richards proved to be a captivating frontman, effortlessly connecting with the audience through his powerful vocals and charismatic stage presence. Guitarists Taylor Roberts and bassist Phil Lipscomb delivered blistering riffs and intricate solos, while drummer Jarrod Montague provided a solid foundation, driving the music forward with precision and intensity.

One of the standout moments of the night was when Richards went into the crowd to join into the mosh pit. The fans were ecstatic that he was in the crowd with them while still singing along to the song. The fans were screaming and cheering.
Then later on Richards went back into the crowd to crowd surf from the stage to the bar, located in the back of the venue. He had the fans gather with him at the bar and then announced to the crowd you’re gonna carry me back to the stage. The fans screamed with excitement and amazement that they were going to be able to be a part of helping Richards to the front of the stage.

Once back on stage he contiued through the remainder of their set. Before the so-called last song “Poem,” he invited fans that wanted to go on stage and help sing their last song of the night. The fans packed the stage and Richards announced to them that “This mic is like hot lava, you can sing but past the torch, don’t be a fu**kng a**hole and sing the whole god damn song”. Richards stepped into the photo pit while the fans started singing and didn’t miss a beat the entire song as the mic was being passed from one to the other. Towards the end of the song Richards jumped back on stage to finish the last part. This is something that you don’t see too often where the fans were singing while the lead singer looked on in amazement.  The fans and the band created a memory that will last a lifetime.

Once the song was over, Richards announced that we have a little extra time so we will sing one more song before we close out the night. “You have a choice to choose the final song. We are going to let you choose the song. The fans chose to end the night with “Mirrors Reflection.”
Their performance  was a masterclass in rock performance. The band’s passion and skill were on full display, leaving the audience with a sense of exhilaration and a lasting appreciation for the magic of live music.

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