Tool Sells Out SNHU Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire And Gives Fans a Night To Remember

On a chilly night in Manchester, New Hampshire, the SNHU Arena was home to one of rocks legends,  the fans packed the streets waiting for the experience to begin.

First act of the evening was from Everett, WA Steel Beans. He is a solo act that is armed with an electric guitar, drums, and vocals. He got his name to fame when he went viral on the internet with his performances.  He delivered a captivating performance that had the fans laughing and entertained all in the same breath. He had the crowd mesmerized by his talent of playing multiple instruments at once.
Their set list consisted of songs which included “Jam For Manch on A Monday,” Molotov Cocktail Lounge,” Transcending Class,” and “Rain or Shine.”  This was a great performance by an amazing and talented artist.

The final act of the evening was none other then the legendary American rock band from Los Angeles, CA Tool. The group’s line-up includes vocalist Maynard James Keenan, guitarist Adam Jones and drummer Danny Carey. Justin Chancellor.
Upon entering the venue, fans noticed signs posted throughout the arena stating about the strict no cell phone use policy.

The atmosphere was electric with anticipation as fans gathered to witness the progressive metal giants weave their intricate musical tapestry. From the moment the haunting notes of “Fear Inoculum” resonated through the arena, it was evident that Tool was there not just to perform but to craft an immersive experience.

Elaborate and psychedelic projections and mesmerizing light displays danced across the stage and venue, perfectly complementing the complex rhythms and ethereal melodies. Maynard James Keenan, the enigmatic frontman, commanded the stage with his distinctive vocals that ranged from haunting whispers to powerful roars. Keenan’s presence was both elusive and magnetic, as he moved in and out of the shadows, adding to the mystique of the performance.

The setlist was a carefully curated journey through Tool’s discography, blending hits like “Jambi” and “The Grudge” also with tracks from their latest album, “Fear Inoculum.” Each song was not just a standalone piece but a chapter in an evolving narrative, creating a seamless flow that kept the audience entranced.
After the song “The Grudge,” there was a twelve minute intermission. Displayed on the back screens through the venue there was a twelve minute countdown. As soon as the time expired, drummer Danny Carey came back to the stage, playing “Chocolate Chip Trip,” doing a techno drum solo that was surrounded by psychedelic images, lights and videos.  He left the crowd mesmerized as to how talented an artist and performer he is.

The stage lights went out and there was a lighted star that appeared overhead,the band came to the front of the stage in Darkness to sing “Culling Voices.” As the star descended down, it created an array with visual effects and revolving lights, which saw scattered gold/silver reflective confetti coming from the ceiling that glistened through the venue making it appear as if it was a star shining. It was a unique and cool visual that had the fans in awe.

Before the final notes of “Stinkfist” echoed through the arena, Keenan came to the mic one last time and addressed the crowd. He gave the fans an ultimatum that they could take their phones out and record the last song of the night under one condition, these people here within the first 12 rows of the arena need to turn their lights off on their phones because that is annoying. The crowd erupted in thunderous applause, a testament to the emotional  journey they had just experienced.
Tool’s performance was not just a concert; it was a transcendental odyssey into the depths of progressive metal, leaving the audience in awe of what they had witnessed.


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