Spite Consumes the Crowd At The Nile

The summer is starting, it was a warm summer evening in Mesa, Arizona. The crowd was beginning to assemble at The Nile Theater. Mesa was about to be blessed by another bay area metal band, Spite, that is rising to the top.

The first band to hit the stage was Bodybox from Orlando, Florida. They hit the stage running, commending the stage and playing their hearts out. Half way through the set the singer took the shirt off he was wearing. The room was beginning to warm up a little due to the lights and body heat. When their set had ended they were sent off the stage with cheers.

The second band to take to the stage was none other than Arizona based band, No Zodiac. As soon as they hit the stage, their uniqueness is not easily overlooked. Two of the members are dawning cowboy boots while the singer also wears a cowboy hat and a jean vest with a stained-glass Virgin Mary back patch.

The band works together creating a fun band to watch. It is easily seen how the members are able to feed and vibe off one another. Their set was a fun set to watch and easily foreshadowed the great bands that were to follow.

The stage hands take to the stage and begin to break down the No Zodiacs equipment and it’s done in what seems like minutes. The house lights dim and the stage lights begin to go on. All of a sudden, the next band, Vatican, takes to the stage. Vatican is from Savannah, Gerogia. Not missing a beat, they hit the ground running.

Vatican puts all their energy into their set, each song has fast beats. With the exception of one slow song during their set where the vocalist uses clean vocals. Vatican is the power band that really gets the crowed pumped up and ready for the last two acts of the night.

The second to last band is next to take the stage, Boundaries. Based in Hartford, Connecticut, Boundaries is one of the bands that the crowd has been waiting for all night. They are a five-piece band made up by members: Matt McDougal – vocals, Zadak Brooks-bassist, Cory, Breedlove and Kevin. Boundaries is also signed by Unbeaten Records.

The audience could be heard singing along with them. The singer took a few breaks commenting on how thirsty he was. The crowd screamed and cheered as they finished their set, getting the audience ready for the headliner. Boundaries has three albums out.

It was finally time for the headliner to come. The band everyone had been waiting for, Spite. Hailing from the Bay Area, Spite is a mix of hardcore, deathcore and downtempo band. They are well known for the crazy oomph and the heavy hitting riffs they bring to the table.

Their albums are recorded and produced at Rapture Recording by Cody Fuentes. Spite is made up of Durs-singer, Baby J-Drums,Lucas Garrigues-guitar, Ben Bamford-bass and Alex Therani-guitar. The minute they music started the crowd went insane! The energy level hit an all time high.

The people were crowd surfing, jumping onto the stage and diving back into the crowd, even the bands photographer was seen jumping off the stage and experiencing the energy and exhilaration Mesa had to offer. The crowd sand along, creating mosh pits and headbanging to match and keep up with Durs energy. If you are looking for a band with a ton of energy that is rapidly hitting the scene and growing in popularity, Bay Area natives, Spite is the band for you!

Their new album Dedicated to Flesh is set to release this year. They have singles “Caved in”, “Made to Please” and “Hangman” already out for your listening pleasure.

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