Tempe Experiences an invasion of the 80s

As summer rounds the corner, the people itch for something fun and interesting to experience and concerts are no exception. On Tuesday May 24, 2022, The Marquee Theatre became the home of the 80s for the night. The crowd began to gather early for the nights show.

The first band to take over the stage was Jessikill. Hailing from San Antonio, Texas, Jessikill is a great band to kick the night off with. Their sound is purely reminiscent of all that was good with 80s rock; from their look all the way down to their guitar riffs and solos. What else makes this band unique is they are fronted by a woman and they are metal. The band is made up of Jessica Marie Espinoza-lead vocals, Arturo Knight-bass/backing vocals, Jyro Alejo-guitar and Alan R. Cisneros-drums. A fun fact about this band is that Jessica aka Jessikill was on X Factor. If you’re looking for a band that can combine technical guitar solos with a captivating and powerful vocal range then this is the band for you!

The next band to take to the stage was none other than Culprit, formed in the 80s. Culprit is from Seattle, Washington. The members include Scott Earl-bass, Fred Aching- Drums, Gabriel Colon- Vocals and P.J Toyne- Guitars. The Energy this band exhibits is off the charts! It can really be seen in bassist Earl. Earl will jump and kick all around the stage; his energy and stage presence show how much he loves the music. The crowd cheered and rallied as they continued to play their set, each member feeding off one another; creating an energy that is unforgettable.

The third band to kick off the evening was Kurt Deimer. As soon as they stepped onto the stage the crowd began to scream and yell. The band is made up by Kurt Deimer-Vocals, Pil X-lead guitar, Daniel Spree-bassist (studio work), Michael Devin-bassist (touring), Steve Ferlazzo-keyboards, Nick Maybury-guitar, Brent Woods-guitar and Brian Tichy-drums. This band is incredibly talented. The lyrics tell a story, give prospective and insight. Combine that with the music, this band is one to keep an eye on. Whats unique about this band is how they work together to create these songs. Deimer will write the lyrics and send them to X, if X can’t connect to the song, they will scratch it and continue onto something else. This band creates energy that is unmistakable. The crowd can’t resist their liveliness.

The last band or should I say artist to come on stage was none other than Swedish guitarist Yngwie Johan Malmsteen. It was a real treat to be able to watch him play. His skills are unmistakably amazing to witness. He came onto the scene in the 80s and was quickly noticed by all because of the neoclassical style he meshed into metal. He is considered the ninth greatest electric guitar players in the world out of 11. The passion for guitar flows through his fingers and it is made apparent to everyone. The audience cheers him on as he takes on these intricate and technical guitar riffs and solos. In between notes and songs, he can be seen throwing guitar pics left and right to his fans. Being able to experience this type of playing is a once in a lifetime event.

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