Cold Celebrates 20 Years of The Year of the Spider

20 years ago the word was graced by Cold’s album year of the spider! Stupid girl became  one of the rock anthems on fuse TV, capturing audiences of all ages!

The first band of the night was Stereo Rex, a local Phoenix rock band. As they took to the stage the crowd began to get more excited at this meant the show was about to start. Stereo Rex is formed by Brian Hoch, Bryan Linder, Stereo Rex and Paul Burch. The band began to play and the audience got sucked into the music. The band was energetic and engaging. They addressed the audience a few times throughout their set. As the band continued to play more people began to get immersed into the music. They played their own cover of Alice In Chains “Man in the Box”. The crowd absolutely loved it.

The second band to take to the stage was Sygnal to Noise. Sygnal to Noise is a rock band with hints of dark wave and 80s rock mixed in. This mostly male fronted band has a female bassist that hits some great licks and can really set the pace and beat.  “You guys are gonna sing along with us. It’s a classic!” They began to play and stop the drummer. “He was following the paper and I changed it on him!” Then they began to play Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell”! The audience sang along to the chorus every time it hit. As they finished out their set the singer asked to take a selfie with the audience and everyone squished together to get into their photo throwing up their devil horns.

The third band , Awake for Days, came onto the stage and began to get set up their instruments and equipment. Awake for Days hail all the way from Sardinia. The band is made up by Lukas Moore-vocals, Nic P. Red-bass, Andrew B.-drums and their touring member Mattia Tagliatti-guitar. The minute they got into the stage the audience was captivated, especially the women. Moore addressed the audience introducing themselves and telling the audience that they were from Italy. One audience member yelled “Bellissimo! You’re so sexy”.

More smiled and said thank you. Their set was full of a ton of energy and power. This is a band that everyone should see. They truly have great showmanship and interact with the crowd. They also played Linkin Park’s “One Step Closer”. The whole audience sang along word for word. The audience greatly enjoyed this set. It was time for the band to perform their last song but a worker from the venue came on and told them their time was up. The audience booed and screamed “one more song”, but the employee said no. Awake for Days thanked the fans for being so great and listening to their set.

The stage crew came on and tore down Awake for Days’ setup and set up the next bands instruments. The next band to perform was Divide the Fall. Divide the fall is a hard rock band with metalcore and post-hardcore influences from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The minute they came onto the stage fans screamed with joy. They instantly took off with high energy and hard hitting beats that could capture your attention in a heartbeat. The singer instantly interacted with the audience. He even made heart hands to the fans. They opened their set with “Broken”. Fans sang along and pushed themselves a little closer so they could really see the band perform. The singer ran from side to side, never standing on one place for too long.  They ended their set with “Fake Love”.

As the stage hands set up for the final band of the night, the viewers went to refill their drinks and get as close to the stage as possible. The last band of the night was non other than Jacksonville, Florida’s Cold. Cold is currently formed by Scooter Ward – lead vocals/keyboards/rhythm guitar, Lindsay Manfredi – bass, Tony Kruszka – drums, Ed Cuozzo – lead guitar/backing vocals and Angelo Maruzzelli – rhythm guitar/backing vocals.

The stage lighting was very as the band come and stayed dark throughout their whole set. They were back lite with blue light that made it impossible to see their faces. The audience screamed as they came on and performed their first song “Remedy”. The audience cheered as they played their song. The band then played one of their most beloved and popular songs off their album Year of the Spider, “Stupid Girl”. Everyone sang along word for word as they danced along.

Ward addressed the audience as he introduced his next song, “Sad Happy”. He discussed how he wrote this song about a fan who they met at a show. She had been living with her abusive family but showed up to their shows across different states. The band ended up helping her out a little bit. Ward mentioned that the last time they talked was a few years ago and he hopes she is doing well and is happy. The fans awed at the story and kindness that Ward and his bandmates had shown.

This is a band that truly shows their fans how much they mean to the. That their fans stories help inspire them to write new music. This is a band that greatly cares about their fanbase on a deeper level.

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