The 69 Eyes Draw Darkwave Fans Out of the Darkness

The 69 Eyes hit the ground again touring and promoting their newest album Death of Darkness. It had been almost four years since they’ve toured and released an album!

Pretty Boy Floyd came into the stage and instantly hit the stage with energy that punched you in the face. As they finished their second song the singer took to the microphone to address the audience he said” we changed the song order for tonight. We’re going to play ‘Leather Boys with Electric Toys’” the fans instantly began to scream with pure joy! Every one sang along word for word. As the song continued two separate fans from the audience bought the singer some Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer.

He began to drink one and handed an audience member his microphone to hold. As the song ended the singer said he needed to chug a beer and asked if they were good on time because they didn’t have a lot since they were the opener. As he chugged his beer their guitarist began to play Rob Zombie’s ‘Thunder Kiss ‘69” and the singer stopped and said “ohh he threw me off”, while making a face. They then played one of the ballads, the singer mentioned that it was very pretty and that he could sing it better now than when he was 22 years old, he then paused and said “I don’t know if I know what I’m doing haha”.

Their super fan screamed and sang along as he was sucked into their set. He knew every song word for word! They then played “48 hours” “We’re a five piece tonight I hope that’s ok with you guys. Two guitars, a bass, drums and myself. We like to change it up, but this sleeve bag over here, we might keep him. Should we keep him?!” The singer announced as he pointed to one of their guitarists. The audience screamed yes in unison! “I wish we could play for two hours but they don’t pay us enough. Do you guys want another ballad? How bout ‘I wanna be with you’?”

The crowd clapped with joy as the previous band exited the stage and the stagehands took over. The stage was cleared and rest within a matter of 30 minutes. The fans went to to grab merch and drinks while they waited and the house lights began to fade while the stage light brightened. Everyone screamed with joy as The 69 Eyes began to take the stage over.

The 69 Eyes are a goth rock group that formed in 1989, and they hailed all the way from Helsinki, Finland. The bands line up is made up by Jyrki 69-vocals, Bazie-guitar, Timo-Timo-guitar, Archzie-bass and Jussi 69! The lineup never changed and has since stayed the same.

They instantly began playing “DEVILS”. Everyone cheered and began to sing along to this beautiful classic. As the crowd danced the night away the band kept playing.  The crowd kept moving closer and closer to the stage as the night went on.  Everyone cheered when the band played their classics “FEEL BERLIN”, “PERFECT SKIN” and “NEVER SAY DIE”.

Jyrki 69 would periodically address the crowd and the time came to play their newest single, “Gotta Rock”, off their 2023 album Death of Darkness. The crowd cheered as they played and Jyrki 69 danced around the stage, lifting and moving the microphone. The song ended and The 69 Eyes walked off the stage and the lights darkened.

The crowd yelled “one more, one more!” The drummer for Calabrese, Davey, was there. He yelled for The 69 Eyes to play “Lost Boys”. The house lights never came on so you knew the band was going to come back and give everyone an encore and that’s what they did.

The 69 Eyes came back to the stage and everyone cheered even louder! They played three more songs, ending with their cult classic and fan favorite, “Lost Boys”! Everyone left extremely happy with smiles on their faces and their feet hurting a little from dancing the night away.

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