Dance Devil Dance Tour Sweeps People Off Their Feet in Phoenix

Swedish metal bands take over The Van Buren and draw the crowds out! Avatar returned to Phoenix, Arizona for their Dance Devil Dance Tour, bringing along  two great accompanying metal bands.

The crowds flocked through doors making their way to merch lines or trying to be up front at the barrier. The first band to hit the stage was Orbit Culture. Orbit Culture is from Eksjö, Sweden. The band started out in 2013 and today is made up by Niklas Karlsson-vocals/guitar, Richard Hansson – lead guitar, Fredrik Lennartsson – bass and Christopher Wallerstedt – drums.

The audience clapped as the band came on. Their heavy hitting sounds was something that was setting the tone for the night. The audience clapped and cheered as their set went on. Everybody was bobbing their heads along with the sounds and really getting into the music. This metal band hits the beats hard and heavy. A sound everybody was enjoying.

The second band to go on was Veil of Maya! They are a metalcore band that is from Chicago, Illinois. The band line up is Marc Okubo-guitar, Sam Applebaum-drums, Danny Hauser-bass and Lukas Magyar-vocals. The audience cheered louder. Veil of Maya really knows how to bring the energy. The band is moving all over the stage, giving fans the chance to see them from all angles. Magyar also interacts with the audience talking in between songs. Their set included “Viscera”, “Whistleblower” and “Doublespeak” to name a few songs.  Veil of Maya really got everyone’s blood rushing and pumped for the final act. Which undoubtedly everyone was waiting for.

The final act was getting ready to go onto the stage. There were curtained boxes on the stage and the drums were set up in between them front and center. As the lights dimmed everyone wondered how the band would enter the stage. All of a sudden the curtains and each box contained a member of the band. Avatar had finally hit the stage and the audience went ballistic.

Avatar is a heavy metal band that formed in 2001 in Githenburg, Sweden. The band is made up by Jonas “Kungen” Jarlsby – guitars, John Alfredsson – drums, Johannes Eckerström – lead vocals, Henrik Sandelin – bass/vocals and Tim Öhrström – guitar/vocals.

People were screaming and laughing their heads off. As the band began to play each member left their box and moved closer to the audience. The first song they played was “Dance Devil Dance”.  As the song played and the fans screamed, giant sparklers went off lighting the stage in a beautiful golden glow. This really riled the fans up more. They pressed their bodies and each other as close as possible in hopes of getting closer to the stage as Avatar played. The crowd ate up all of Avatar’s. There was no doubt that this band was beloved by everyone. The members of the band moved to all areas in the stage and jumping up and down. Their energy was off the charts. The band also played these songs during their set“The Eagle Has Landed”, “Valley of Disease” , “Chimp Mosh Pit” and “Scream Until You Wake”.

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