Beartooth And Trivium Co-Headline The Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom

It was a Friday night in Hampton Beach NH. The beach goers were starting to emerge as the boardwalk is starting to get ready for its summer tourism. The fans were lined down the boardwalk waiting to get into the ballroom to see the show of the weekend.  

As the fans started piling in to the venue early the first band of the evening was Arizona natives Archetypes Collide. They are a quintet that was formed in 2014 which features Kyle Pastor on vocals, Tyler Flamm on drums, Brandon Baker on guitar, Jared Knister on guitar, and Ky Sanders on bass.

They opened their set with Parasite. Fans were cheering as they started playing and as the set went on were really getting into the music. They played a short set which included a cover of Linkin Park’s “One Step Closer.”  

The second band to hit the stage was an English heavy metal band from Shefield, South Yorkshire England Malevolence. They were formed in 2010 by guitarist Josh Baines and Konan Hall. The two started performing live when they were just 10 years of age. Alex Taylor later joined on vocals.

They opened their set with the title track of their newest album “Malicious Intent.” The crowd was on their feet cheering as they continued with two more of their  newest singles, “Life Sentence” and “Still Waters Run Deep.” Taylor came to the mic and asked the fans to part ways and open up a circle pit. The crowd obliged and a huge circle pit opened. They played a few of their hits songs before ending with another new single ”  On Broken Glass.” The fans were really enjoying their set as they were jumping and screaming and forming pits.

Up next was the first co-headliner of the evening and one of the bands that the fans had come to see Trivium. They are an American heavy metal rock band from Orlando, Florida. They are comprised of Matt Heafy on vocals and guitar, Corey Beaulieu on guitar, Paolo Gregoletto on bass and Alex Bent on drums.  

They opened their set with an intro track that was heard over the speakers of the venue “The End Of Everything.” Their first song of their set was “Rain.” They continued their set with “Like Light to the Flies,” Strife,” The Sin and The Sentence,” and “Until The World Goes Cold.” At this point the fans were going completely crazy and were forming pits and crowd surfing. The fans were having a blast headbanging to the music and screaming all the words to all the songs. They were jumping and bouncing and having a blast.

Before the song “In Waves,” Lead vocalist Matt Heafy comes to the mic and tells everyone that he wants them to get down on the ground and when this sh** kicks in I want you to jump up. It looked like a sea of waves when everyone jumped back up.  The crowd was filled with energy and were screaming and jumping. They ended their set with “Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr.” The fans were excited to have witnessed and increadible set from an incrediable band. They put on an amazing performance and left the fans wanting more.

The final co-headliner of the evening was non other then Amercian hard core punk band Beartooth. The fans were on their feet as soon as they started their set with “Devastation.” The band came out with tons of energy and lead singer Caleb Shomo was running, jumping, and moving across the entire stage all night. The fans were matching the energy by creating large mosh pits and crowd surfing. They were singing along to all the words to all the songs. 

They continued their set with “Disease,” and their newest single “Sunshine!” The crowd was loving every minute. They continued with “Beaten in Lips,” In Between,” and another one of their newest singles “Riptide.” The fans screamed and cheered when they heard this song as this is one of the bands upcoming biggest songs. 
Shomo was playing the crowd and the crowd did not disappoint. They were coming on with as much energy as humanily possible and making it known to the band they were enjoying their performance. 

They rounded out their set with “The Past Is Dead,” which featured a drum solo and “The Last Riff.” They put on an amazing performance and both the crowd and the band had amazing energy and were jumping and screaming the entire night. The mosh pits were huge and the crowd surfing was a constant. 

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